Mythology Simbok

Mythology Simbok

Today's world population has reached 8 billion, based on real time figures from the World Population Review on June 4 2023. The population explosion is no joke happening all over the world due to increasing prosperity, in addition to the role of the legendary 'mother' figure who gives birth to generations. Many experts are pessimistic about the future of the world with the consideration of limited natural resources, widespread poverty, and moral decadence. But instead I will welcome it through the terms: 'Welcome to the new era of mankind!'

An era when the role of the mother as a sacred figure and filled with the term 'Goddess of Fertility', plays a vital role in the future. How today we know the sacredness of Dewi Sri as the figure who 'controls' food in Javanese mythology. In Balinese culture, it is called Sri Sadhana or Dewa Ayu Manik Galih and is seen as the mother of life. Whose bodies grow various trees and plants as daily food for humans. Dewi Sri is an example of a 'Fertility Goddess' figure who is related to the character, nature and physical characteristics of a mother.

Mother is a graceful figure who is highly glorified in the minds of society, who has noble traditions and high culture. The figure of a revered mother can be seen in every traditional community ceremony that glorifies the figure of 'Dewi Sri' or the figure of 'Mother Earth', the motherland who warmly embraces humans with great affection. Mother in Javanese society is called 'Simbok' or 'Embok' which contains the terms closeness, queen of the family, protector of beloved children.

Mythology would not have been created without a 'mother' figure who gave birth to the main character in a sacred tale about the origin of places, legendary figures, and even the creation of a nation. Like Indonesia, which needs the term 'motherland' to describe the homeland where the Indonesian people live. The figure of 'Isa or Jesus, who is legendary in Islamic and Christian religious stories, was born through the touch of Mother Mary's affection. Mother figure will not disappear throughout the ages, always noble and holy. So being a mother is the best way to face the future.

Today's women who grow up in the care of information technology, will become shoots that grow in the new era of humanity. The title of goddess of fertility which is attached to the cultural figures of society throughout the ages will not be eroded by the currents of globalization, because no human being is born without a mother figure.

How the future needs figures of loving mothers, who are so respected, exalted, that they give birth to strong figures and nations. Which becomes the flow of change in a period. So the 'Simbok' mythology is always needed, no matter what term will await in the future, its role will not change.


Khanif Fauzan 

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