The theme of writing articles is free, according to the author's thoughts. The outline of the theme of the article still has continuity between Art, Culture and Tradition.

Collection of articles is free, meaning that during the article writing program for the Sonobudoyo Museum, participants are free to send their writing to the editorial board of the Sonobudoyo Museum website.

Apprenticeship / PKL submission services for students and students who will carry out practical learning activities are available on the Service page> Instructions> Service Standards.


What if I'm from out of town / region? If you are from outside the region, the files can be sent via email to the Sonobudoyo Musuem.

Art performances at the Sonobudoyo Museum take place every Tuesday-Sunday from 20.00-21.30;

Ticket services only serve offline or OTS purchases, we do not provide booking and reservation services.

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