The Temporary Exhibition Building is a cultural activity facility owned by the Yogyakarta Special Region Government which is managed by the Sonobudoyo Yogyakarta Museum.


Besides being used as a venue for activities organized by the Sonobudoyo Museum, the Temporary Exhibition Building is also rented out for the general public.


With several room sizes, the Sonobudoyo Museum's Temporary Exhibition Building has several rooms, such as AuBesar and the Small Hall. The Sonobudoyi Museum Temporary Exhibition Building is often used as a venue for exhibitions, seminars, education and training activities, and so on. The Temporary Exhibition Building is also equipped with a large parking facility at the entrance yard of the Sonobudoyo Unit 1 Museum and strict health protocol facilities.




Rental Procedure:


The tenant confirms the schedule with the organizer of the Temporary Exhibition Building (0274) 373617 to ensure the availability of space to be used.


If you have a certain schedule and time, the tenant will make a rental application letter to the Head of Museum Sonobudoyo Yogyakarta.


Tenants will receive a permit to use the premises from the Head of the Sonobudoyo Yogyakarta Museum.




* For information on the price list for renting a place, please contact the manager directly or come to the Sonobudoyo Museum Unit 2.


 Schedule of Use of the Sonobudoyo Museum Building in 2021



Peminjaman Tempat


Ruang Pameran Temporer (Eks. Koni)

Gedung Baru


25 Mei- 3 Juli 2021

Pameran Abhinaya


Museum Sonobudoyo


4-20 Juli 2021

Pameran Tunggal Pelukis Hani Santana


Hani Santana


26-30 Desember 2021

Pameran AMEX


Museum Sonobudoyo


10 September – 03 Oktober 2021


Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta

Dinas Kebudayaan DIY


1-22 Oktober 2021

Pameran Komik


Dinas Kebudayaan DIY


29 Agustus – 09 September 2021

Pameran World Heritage Day