Yoyo, Children's Games From Past to Present

Yoyo, Children's Games From Past to Present

Hey, who among the #SahabatSonobudoyo used to and maybe still play Yoyo often?

The Yoyo traditional game instrument became known in Indonesia around 1930 or coincided with the end of the historical period of the Dutch East Indies. Long before the Yoyo game was known by the Indonesian people, this type of game has existed since 1780 in China.

This game is very trendy among children at that time. In fact, until now yo-yo is still a favorite of children and we can find it in children's toy sales. Yoyo is round and there is a rope in the middle, where the end of the rope will be tied to the fingers. In the past, yo-yos were made of wood, but now the materials for yo-yos have changed and are more varied. In playing this game, requires special techniques and tricks. This traditional game is believed to be able to train the right brain and left brain which are good to help the child's growth and development process.


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