Indrajit, Crown Prince of Alengka

Indrajit, Crown Prince of Alengka

Hello #Friends of Sonobudoyo, let's get acquainted with the character Indrajit in the Ramayana story!

Indrajit is the eldest son of Ravana or Prabu Dasamuka as well as the crown prince of Alengka. Indrajit is a powerful knight Mandraguna. He has mainstay heirlooms such as the Nagapada Arrow, Chain Weapon and Ajisirep Megananda. 

At the time of the Great Alengka war, where the Alengka State was attacked by the army of Rama's monkeys in an effort to free Sinta who was held captive by Prabu Dasamuka, Indrajit became Prabu Dasamuka's mainstay warlord, fighting against Anggada, his own cousin.


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