Sonobudoyo Is Closer To Millennials

Sonobudoyo Is Closer To Millennials

Yogyakarta- Sonobudoyo Museum continues to make movements in introducing museums closer to millennials. This can be seen from the various activities currently being carried out by the Sonobudoyo Museum intensively.

One of the efforts of Sonobudoyo Museum in realizing this is by presenting music performances at the museum. This musical performance can be enjoyed by the whole community for free. Music is an art form that is close to society. Related to this, Sonobudoyo Museum presents it to be closer to the community.

"We want to make the Sonobudoyo Museum a reference place for people to seek entertainment, experience, and a comfortable place to travel." said the Head of the Sonobudoyo Museum.

The music performance at the Sonobudoyo Museum is located in the new Sonobudoyo building facing directly to Jalan K.H. Ahmad Dahlan. In addition to music performances, the Sonobudoyo Museum also has a comfortable and instagramable rooftop for young people.

"We hope that the various activities that we launch can increase the younger generation, especially to want to know and visit to  museums," he added.

Of course, with various activities at the Sonobudoyo Museum, we still adhere to strict health protocols so as not to cause new clusters of Covid-19 spread in Yoyakarta. (JEF)

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