Yogyakarta Culture Present at Dubai Expo 2021

Yogyakarta Culture Present at Dubai Expo 2021

The Special Government of Yogyakarta sent a delegation to participate in the Dubai World Expo 2020 activities from 3-11 November 2021. In this activity, DIY as a large delegation, brought a repertoire from the Yogyakarta Palace as many as 11 classical dances. Some of the dances that are presented to the world community include the Srimpi Muncar dance, Golek Ayun-ayun, Golek Bawarga, Menak Kakung, Menak Putri, Klana Topeng, Topeng Alus, Sasanti Manghayu-hayu, Beksan Anila Prahasta, Sekar Pudyastuti, Bambang Cakil and Regol Gunungsari.

Yogyakarta's participation in this activity carries a cultural mission that aims to introduce Yogyakarta's potential widely in the fields of micro-industry, trade, tourism, to culture-based investment. Through the cultural aspect, the Tourism Office, the Industry and Trade Office, to the Licensing and Investment Office offer opportunities in industrial development from each field based on the preservation and development of culture, which until now continues to be preserved. On the other hand, the Cultural Mission also carries out aspects of museum development as one of the practical elements of cultural tourism and special interests.

Fajar Wijanarko as one of the representatives of the Sonobudoyo Museum in the Dubai Expo 2020 activity explained that in carrying out this cultural mission, one of them includes museums. Museums have a big role in increasing the tourism sector through the historical artifacts offered, so apart from introducing cultural heritage, the DIY delegation also visited various museums.

Several museums visited on this cultural mission were located in the old Dubai area or Deira, including the Coffee Museum, Stamp Museum, Digger Museum, and Coin Museum. In addition to visits to Dubai museums, visits to Abu Dhabi with the aim of the Louvre Museum were also carried out. The visit was aimed at establishing cooperation in the form of a museum board as an effort to further develop the museum.

With this participation, it is expected to be able to introduce Indonesian culture to the world community, especially the cultural richness of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. (JEF)


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