The Story of Goddess Sinta's Loyalty

The Story of Goddess Sinta's Loyalty

Dewi Sinta is one of the important characters in the Ramayana story. Dewi Sinta is the eldest daughter of King Janaka, a king of the kingdom of Mithila. In Serat Ramawijaya, Dewi Sinta is described as a beautiful figure. Not only physically beautiful, Dewi Sinta is also beautiful in mind, and is imaged as a symbol of female beauty.

In addition to having a beautiful face, Dewi Sinta also has extraordinary loyalty to her husband, namely Rama. The form of Dewi Sinta's loyalty is shown in several quotes in the Ramawijaya Fiber.

//yèn wêruh bojoku sang pêkik/ iya rama disinom/ pêsthi tugêl gulumu Sang rojèng/ dasamuka runtik/ dipun panah sirahmu gulinting/ dasamuka runtik/ kurda Sang prabu.

// If my beautiful husband finds out/ Rama is in disinom/ You must have broken your neck Sang Agung/ Dasamuka is hurt/ An arrow fell on your head/ Dasamuka is hurt/ Anger of the King (Mijil verse 28).

The stanza in the Ramawijaya Fiber shows the loyalty of the Goddess Sinta to the Rama in the situation of being kidnapped by Dasamuka. This is a proof as well as a teaching that can be taken and then implemented in the process of daily life.


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