Candrakiranan is an extension of the Sonobudoyo Museum's showroom, which is located on Trikora Street, north of the North Square of the Yogyakarta Palace. This expansion is useful for adding to the collection of showrooms. Especially for the collection of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Before it was used as a museum, Candrakiranan was a resting place for one of the princes of the Ngayogyakarta Palace, Gusti Ratu Chandrakiranan. A 7th Patih from the Paku Alam family.

At Candrakiranan there is a showroom for Central Javanese collections. In addition, there is also a space that can be used for certain events with a capacity of five hundred people, a hall, a representative prayer room, and ample parking, which does not interfere with the main road. This is supported by a calm atmosphere, not bustling, close to the square and Wijilan which is famous for its typical gudeg area. So that it can be traveled at the same time for people out of town. For events that require sacred values ??and harmony with Javanese values, such as marriage, it strongly supports a more Javanese atmosphere. The place is set according to Javanese rules, such as facing south, not confusing the palace in Javanese terms, there is also a representative prayer room as well as musuem showrooms.

nDalem Candrakiranan, also exhibits the superior collections of the Sonobudoyo Museum. One of the excellent collections on display at the Sonobudoyo Museum unit 2 is the gold collection. Apart from the gold collection, there are several other collections that can be enjoyed by visitors when visiting the Sonobudoyo Museum. The operational hours of the Sonobudoyo Unit 2 Museum are every Monday-Friday at 07.30-16.00 WIB.