Getting to know the puppet character of the Hanoman Part 1

Getting to know the puppet character of the Hanoman Part 1

Hanoman or Anoman is the embodiment of a powerful white monkey, he is the son of Dewi Anjani and Batara Guru. When giving birth to Hanoman, there was a commotion in the world, the gods paid their respects to him. He is destined to become a great warlord and will be the peacemaker of the world. He lived from the Ramayana to the Mahabharata during the reign of King Jayabaya in Mamenang Kediri. Since childhood, he has a brave character, which is shown in the event when he enters the world of the gods (a strange world and he does not know where he is) to find out who his father is.

As an adult, Hanoman carries out the task given by Wibisana as Ravana has the supernatural power of Aji Pancasu, namely the ability to live eternally. Every time Rama's weapon killed Ravana, immediately Ravana rose again. Hanoman bravely challenges Dasamuka to burn himself when Dasamuka wants to crush him. However, he was able to defeat Dasamuka by pinning him down with two mountains. Hanoman does everything on the basis of a brave attitude and is not afraid of anything, his attitude is polite, courteous and loyal. He is also an accomplished warrior as when he was assigned by Sri Rama to be an ambassador in the Pancawati Kingdom.

Hanoman can bertiwikrama. He also has several supernatural powers such as, Sappo' Angen (Wind Sweep) given by Dewa Bayu, which makes him able to run as fast as the wind, Aji Pameling (the ability to communicate with telepathy, and understand and feel when needed) which comes from Batara Wisnu, and Aji Mudri ( the ability to lift any heavy load and extraordinary crushing power) which comes from Dewi Sinta. Therefore, he is able to lift mountains and move them to another place or be able to beat mountains to shatter. Thus it is not surprising that Hanoman became one of the reliable senopati in the war between King Ramawijaya and King Dasamuka.

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