Knowing Culture and History with Sonobudoyo's Virtual Tour

Knowing Culture and History with Sonobudoyo's Virtual Tour

Hello Sonobudoyo friends, on Friday (3/9) the Christian International School - Sekolah Kristen Antar Bangsa held a Virtual Tour activity with Sonobudoyo Museum. The activity which started at 9 AM until 11 AM was attended by 41 participants with 7 accompanying teachers.

Friends from SKAB (Sekolah Kristen Antar Bangsa) were very happy when they were invited to tour the Sonobudoyo Museum, even though it was done virtually. In addition, many of SKAB's friends also asked questions about Sonobudoyo starting from the collections displayed, stories from these collections, and many more. This activity was organized by the SKAB together with the Sonobudoyo Museum, to introduce culture and history to SKAB friends who had never visited or visited the Sonobudoyo Museum and learned about Javanese culture and history.

For Sonobudoyo's friends who also want to experience a virtual tour with Sonobudoyo Museum to learn culture and history, you can register all your schools/agencies/communities to the Sonobudoyo Museum.
Friends, you can find information about the Sonobudoyo Museum on all the official Sonobudoyo Museum accounts. Greetings Friends of the Museum, the Museum in My Heart.

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