Linga, the Javanese Sundial in the Hindu Period

Linga, the Javanese Sundial in the Hindu Period

Hello #Friends of Sonobudoyo, Linga is a cultural object as a marker of Javanese civilization during the Hindu era.

The linga is a phallic representation of Lord Shiva which also describes the embodiment of the pillar of light (the column of light). This symbol means the seed from which everything in the universe originates. In central Java there are quite a lot of archaeological finds of phallus in various forms. Either in the form of a statue of a phallus-yoni or a stand-alone phallus. The form of the statue also varies according to the group of worshipers of Lord Shiva. Apart from being a statue, there is also a pseudo phallus that is used as a stake or marker for the boundaries of buildings and kingdoms. Another function of the phallus is also thought to be a time marker as a sundial.

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