Philosophy of Keris Luk 9

Philosophy of Keris Luk 9

Keris is one of the many heritages and characteristics of Javanese culture. keris has its own meaning for some people. There are those who consider it as a weapon, there are also those who make the keris as a valuable object with high magical power in it. There are also those who make the keris as a work of art with a high selling value where the value lies in the materials used, the long manufacturing process and requires special skills, and the beauty of its distinctive shape.

The Luk 9 keris is a variant of the keris which has 9 indentations. The curve in Javanese is also called luk. Luk itself is a shape or pattern of objects in the form of grooves or zig zags. The number nine in the luk 9 keris has its own philosophy, namely people who are no longer pursuing the pleasures of the world, but are focused on pursuing the afterlife. Keris luk 9 is made with the hope of achieving a goal in life, namely spirituality which is usually used by community elders.

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