Cinema At Museum

Cinema At Museum

Hello Friends of Sonobudoyo, The development of the era continues to lead the Sonobudoyo Museum to move in harmony with technological sophistication. In introducing history and increasing public participation in visiting museums, cinema is present as a form of Sonobudoyo Museum to get closer to the community.

Filmmaker in bisokop is one of the things that many people like. Now, film screenings at the Museum Sonobudoyo are back and held every Monday-Sunday at 16,000 - 20.00 WIB.

Sonobudoyo friends who want to watch a film screening at the Sonobudoyo Cinema can enjoy it freely without being charged any fees. For Sonobudoyo friends who want to ask more about the show and other questions, please contact us on our social media accounts. Greetings, Museum friends, Museum in my heart.


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