Regional Art Performance Attraction Will Be A New Program Sonobudoyo

Regional Art Performance Attraction Will Be A New Program Sonobudoyo

Yogyakarta- Tourism is one of the pillars of the development of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. As one of the cultural tourist destinations in Yogyakarta Museum Sonobudoyo actively carry out cultural activities.

This was expressed by the Head of Museum Sonobudoyo who was present at the preparation of regional art performance attractions located in the meeting room of Museum Sonobudoyo Unit 1 complex on Monday (12/04), this event was also attended by regional art movers in Yogyakarta.


According to the head of the Section of Guidance, Information and Preparation, the performance of regional art performances in Yogyakarta is a cultural asset of the community that must be preserved to the younger generation. "We will do our inaugural program which is the regional art show performance will be held in May. This regional art show is a new program titled by Museum Sonobudoyo. Art performances, guna as one of the main attractions". He added.



According to Dr.Kuswarsantyo salaj one panelist in the discussion of the preparatory panel activities of regional art performance attractions said that the attractions of regional art performances become one of the interesting forms of activities to increase tourism activities in Yogyakarta.

The performance performance that will be held by Museum Sonobudoyo presents several regional arts, including Jathilan, Kethek Ogleng, Bedouin, Reog, Tayub, and Nod. (JE)






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