Exploring the Stories Behind Food Through The

Exploring the Stories Behind Food Through The

Who would have thought that food would have so many stories for us to explore? There is one of the Sonobudoyo Museum Exhibition Series Books entitled Upaboga. This book as a whole discusses the relationship between food, culture and society.

It turns out that food is not only a source of nutrition, there is a deep meaning that we can obtain. The food consumed and the food not consumed can represent the cultural identity of a person, community or even nation. From an anthropological perspective, food itself is part of culture as well as a cultural product in the history of human civilization. There are ideas, forms of activity, and even the form of objects in everything related to food. This can be seen starting from the initial sequence of food ingredients through the cultivation process, then entering the production process where processing, distribution, and finally consumption occurs. Food itself is an element of culture and shows the social relations of society.

This book tells how the exhibition is part of the DIY Government's efforts to play a role in shaping the nation's character and identity by building awareness of cultural values. This book also writes about how food is attached to historical and cultural growth, especially in Indonesia. Overall, the essays in this Exhibition Series Book discuss the position of food in sociocultural construction at every layer of Indonesian civilization. Everything related to food, in this book, is examined from various sides, including the expression of society's own food culture, which has many aspects. These aspects are interesting to explore, starting from the historical aspect; processes and technology; myths, traditions, and beliefs; symbols, meaning, and philosophy; social value; economic value; ethics and aesthetics; to identity.

When food tells a story, there are many things that can be found, such as the ocean explorer and the food on his table, the meaning of food at traditional Javanese ceremonies, Gudeg and other aspects, as well as exploring herbal medicine & betel from the social side. Upaboga provides an understanding of food as a cultural element and the identity of society. Come on, get to know more about food and the stories behind it through the book Upaboga. This book can be accessed at the Sonobudoyo Museum Library Unit 1. Come on, visit the Sonobudoyo Museum!


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