Cultural Acculturation In The Javanese Chinese Harmony Exhibition

Cultural Acculturation In The Javanese Chinese Harmony Exhibition

Sonobudoyo - Celebrating the 2572th Chinese New Year celebration, Sonobudoyo Museum is again holding a Chinese-Javanese puppet exhibition entitled "Chinese-Javanese Performance Harmony". Unlike the previous exhibitions, this exhibition was held with the concept of a combination of elements from two cultures, namely Chinese and Javanese.


This exhibition will be held from 26 February 2021 to 27 March 2021, at the Sonobudoyo Museum Temporary Exhibition Building, Jl. Trikora / Pangurakan No.4 Yogyakarta (former Koni building). The operational hours of the Wacinwa exhibition are open every day from 09.00-21.00 WIB.


"The Chinese-Javanese puppet exhibition is a rare exhibition, because there are only two sets of puppet boxes in the world, namely at the Sonobudoyo Museum and at Yale University, America," said Setyawan Sahli, Head of the Sonobudoyo Museum, in his remarks at the opening of the Harmony Temporary Exhibition. Chinese-Javanese show February 26.


Visitors to this temporary exhibition of Chinese-Javanese puppets can enjoy various collections of Chinese-Javanese puppets with heroic character names including Sie Jin Kwie, Lie Sie Bin, and Cie Bouw Kong; beksan costume from Javanese Chinese; Samsi; and various other collections. The essence of organizing this exhibition is a form of harmony in Javanese Chinese culture in performing arts that has developed in the community, especially in Yogyakarta.


To support the excitement of this exhibition, there will be activities for the Potehi puppet show, the Kethoprak performance, the Chinese-Javanese Wayang performance, and the exhibition webinar "Chinese-Javanese Harmony in the Performing Arts. The activities to support the exhibition of Javanese Chinese Harmony in the Performing Arts can be enjoyed by the whole community on the 1st to the 1st year. March 26, 2021 with a schedule that can be accessed on the Sonobudoyo Museum's social media platform, namely Instagram and Facebook Fanpage @sonobudoyo


Sonobudoyo Museum is equipped with complete health protocol facilities such as hand washing stations, hand sanitizers, and contactless temperature measuring devices. Visitors who will come to this exhibition are required to comply with the 3M health protocol (Wearing Masks, Maintaining Distance and Washing Hands with Soap), to prevent the number of Covid-19 transmission in Yogyakarta.


It is hoped that the exhibition of Chinese Javanese harmony organized by the Sonobudoyo Museum will have an impact on the appreciation of various arts and apply the inspiration of Chinese culture that can be adapted to the traditions of the current era.




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