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Tour Guides

        Sonobudoyo Yogyakarta is Indonesia's second largest museum in terms of the number of collections. With a total of 43 538 collections there will be obstacles if you want to see the entire collection. If it has not shaped the broken unit, the entire collection could reach 62 661 based on the new data. Therefore, Sonobudoyo provide innovations with tour guide at the Museum Sonobudoyo.

        Before guiding the tourists, the guides are required training for 3 months. For now there are seven guides who are ready to guide the tourists, both domestic and foreign.

        With a guide number which is expected to amount to 6 people very inadequate. Even some time will increase if still considered shortcomings. Language skills and ability to communicate is a basic multi-lingual guides. Indonesian, English, Japanese, French, and of course the Java language.

        Please use this valuable opportunity and should not be missed. Visitors are only collected less than 5000 Rupiah only. Very affordable. To improve the service. you can get a companion / guide who is able to provide explanations and information to visitors for free. No charge.

        According to Mr. Dwi Agung Hernanto, as head of the guidance section, one of the flagship programs that will be felt directly by visitors to the museum is in the Permanent Exhibition Tour Sonobudoyo showrooms.