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Manuscript and Library

For some people, the museum is identical to the stationary objects which are not touched. Cold and stiff and not give a value or information. Available information also seems a piece of fragmented, outdated or even very unusual.

Some have argued that the information specific to certain objects and certain information, such as student, researcher or observer. They require different information from that presented in the showroom. More specific and in-depth.
Therefore, Yogyakarta Sonobudoyo provide space and facilities to obtain such information through library Sonobudoyo. There are many good reference papers writing in the form of printed and manuscript texts.
The library contains magazines, newspapers, books, reports, and various other scripts. Manuscript manuscript as Babad Tanah Jawa, Babad Diponegoro, also available at the library. Even some in the form of palm leaf manuscripts.
Print texts and manuscripts in the library can not be borrowed or taken home. Manuscript can only be read and used as a place where it should be. For manuscript has been digitized, so no need to borrow physical books. On the 2nd floor library space has been provided digital form of each of the manuscripts are displayed in the computer, making it easier to search and reading of the manuscript.
Cameras and electronic devices that can be used to scan not expected. Because the library will provide the facility. Whereas if you want to get a coffee can contact the officer script.
Due to limited access, go to the library to have a way to permit and provide information about yourself and the purpose in front of the security office. Provide information truthfully and explain the purpose or benefit of coming to the library. If you've never come or have never know, it could ask the security guard will be ready to help.