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Candrakiranan is the Sonobudoyo Unit II Museum located at Jalan Wijilan No.27D, Panembahan Village, Kraton District, Yogyakarta City, 55131. This place is used as an employee room, storage room for museum collections, library library space, as well as preparation room.

Before use as a museum, Candrakiranan is the resting place of one of the princes of Ngayogyakarta, Gusti Ratu Chandrakiranan. A Patih 7th of Paku Alam family.
The place is no rule of Java, such as the building facing south, not back to the palace in terms of Java "ndak Ilok". At this location there is also a small mosque as well as a representative showrooms musuem. Locations in candrakiranan was very quiet, no hustle and bustle, it is also close to the main square and the famous Wijilan with typical areas "gudegn", so be well traveled to the town.