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Wayang Conservation


Puppet is one of the masterpiece in the Indonesian cultural treasures. Even UNESCO has declared as one of the world's cultural heritage that should be preserved.
Therefore, the maintenance and repair of the puppet is necessary to maintain and improve the puppets that are influenced by age. Because the puppet is a very sensitive thing and very vulnerable to water, moisture, mold, air, temperature.
The most frequent treatment was pinchers, or tongs on a puppet. are all made of horn kebo. Warped, moldy, may be the wrong size puppets. bent because the weather could further damage the puppet itself. as well as fungi. damage the color and quality of the puppet itself.
what if it is exposed to the fungus? One way is by brushing with a soft brush. Because puppets are usually coated with a varnish or known by the term in the box. Enough so that the color can resurface and maintain puppet in a certain time.
  while any size pinchers on the puppet can be a problem in the form of puppets and puppet aesthetic and standard sizes. so be bent, broken, puppet becomes uneven or molet in terms of Java. If used for an actual puppet unfavorable due to fracture, less comfortable or in a Javanese term "ra nyonggo".
penyeselesaiannya the way in reh, such as scraped and heated using oil lamps. therefore necessary in winds of at least once a week. made as pemepe but just for winds alone. to avoid moisture.
who did this is from the palace courtiers, sir Cermo Wibowo, Mr. Widodo Cermo, and pack Cermo Sudiro. Cermo a palace courtiers in charge of caring for and repairing puppets. While the puppet is a conservation coordinator Wisnu pack.