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Digitizing manuscripts

An ancient manuscript papers of the past is the value of a nation's civilization. Sonobudoyo have thousands of manuscripts in the collection. most of the manuscript collection at the Museum Sonobudoyo aged one to two centuries ago. Of the collection consists of a collection of printed and handwritten manuscript.

By knowing and studying the script is expected to get a lot of benefits, information and knowledge from the past. Because every script that brings important messages every time. But the script is very fragile physically, especially manuscripts. Therefore, it is very important in maintaining physical condition and keep the contents and values ??in it.
Sonobudoyo as the agency responsible for the collection of manuscripts owned by trying the best thing for the sake of preservation of cultural assets and information of this nation. Therefore, technology is used to mengalihmediakan manuscripts in digital form.
Such projects ever undertaken by Ford Foundation, but in different media, microfilm. Media of the era is remarkable. But unfortunately the tool to display and process it quite expensive and complicated, so it can not be optimized fatherly today. So when there is an offer of cooperation with the University Leipzieg, Sonobudoyo very gladly accepted the offer.
Sponsored by Leipzieg, in collaboration with the Museum Sonobudoyo, UIN Sunan Kalidjaga as local implementers. This manuscript digitization previously been running in Aceh, Cirebon, Solo and with the help of local workers from their respective colleges.
There are three places to Jogjakarta undertaken digitization, namely: Widya Palace Library, Language Center and Museum Sonobudoyo. Everything has been done well.
For the process of digitization, manuscripts scanned by using a specially crafted script scans to scan the text. So that when the process does not damage penyecanan script and produce the optimal scan photo. Then collected in a folder for each title of the manuscript.
The final result of the digitization of the manuscripts can be seen in the library Sonobudoyo. about 1400s text displayed using a computer, so it does not damage or interfere with the physical objects of the manuscript. So, when if you want to just read the script does not need the physical. Simply through a computer available in the manuscript reading room. Unless you want to investigate the physical, of course, with different provisions.