Script Services

For some people, museums are synonymous with stationary objects that are not touched. Cold and stiff. Does not provide value and information. The information available seems fragmentary, outdated or even very ordinary.

Some groups want specific information on certain objects and certain information, such as students, researchers or observers. They need information that is different from what is conveyed in the showroom. Be specific and deep.

Therefore, the Sonobudoyo Yogyakarta Museum provides space and facilities to obtain this information through the Sonobudoyo Museum library. There are many references to written works both in printed and manuscript form.

The library contains magazines, newspapers, books, reports and various other manuscripts. Manuscripts such as Babad Tanah Jawa, Babad Diponegoro, are also available in the library. Even some manuscripts are in the form of palm leaves.

Print manuscripts or manuscripts in the library cannot be borrowed or taken home. Manuscripts can only be read on the spot and used as appropriate. The manuscript has been digitized so there is no need to borrow a physical book. On the second floor, the library room has provided a digital form of each manuscript displayed on a computer, making it easier to find and read the script.

It is hoped that cameras and electronic devices capable of scanning are not used. Because the library will provide these facilities. Meanwhile, if you want to get a copy of the script, you can contact the officer.

Due to limited access, to enter the library must be permitted and provide personal information and needs at the front security post. Provide truthful information and explain the need or importance of coming to the library. If you have never come or never know, you can ask the security guard who will be ready to help.

For library visiting hours, Monday to Thursday 08.00 - 15.30 WIB, Friday 08.00 - 14.00 WIB. Meanwhile, Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays are closed.

Currently the Sonobudoyo Museum Public Library is located at the Ex KONI Building (Jalan Pangurakan No. 4 Yogyakarta). Meanwhile, the Sonobudoyo Museum Manuscript Library is located in the Sonobudoyo Unit II Museum (Ndalem Condrokiranan).