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National Congress Museum on 2013 at North Maluku

National Museum Congress is a series of events held by the government to represent the various groups associated with the museum. The eighth congress was held in Ternate on 25 to 28 April 2013. This is a series of events initiated by the government in the framework of the declaration of Love Museum National Movement 2010-2014. Raising efforts among stakeholders to the museum.

Followed by various museums and the heads of the various elements associated with the museum. For example, Director of Heritage Preservation and Museum mayor pekalongan with "carrying" batik museum. Regent Pacific with potential belitung and also Brigadier AA Mapparessa History Center Police Chief who deliver material about museum security. Which in this case Sonobudoyo have experienced similar conditions to that effect.
For this congress Sonobudoyo represented by the head of the museum, dra. Riharyani.
many benefits to be gained from such meetings. So difficult and the conditions of each museum can be known and sharing and gathering. Find a solution for each problem in various museums.
therefore it is very important to continue to develop this kind of congress. Moreover accommodated by the government so that the nation appreciates the work of the present